John Gregory

Lead Pastor


FULL NAME: John Michael Gregory

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Spiros Greek restaurant in St. Louis

FAMILY/KIDS: : Wife: Diane Gregory, Children: Katie Brinkmeyer and Dan Gregory

HOBBIES: Tennis and pickleball, watching the Chiefs, Cardinals and Blues sports teams


FAVORITE MINISTRY MOMENT: Leading a church mission trip to Mozambique in 2006

FUN FACT: My kids and I watched the Cardinals win the World Series in person in 2006. Bonus Fact: My favorite band is U2!

Our Staff

Timothy Starnes

Timothy Starnes

Contemporary Worship Leader/ Media Ministry


FULL NAME: Timothy Ryan Starnes


FAMILY/KIDS: Single for now!

HOBBIES: Music in basically every capacity. I love playing guitar and piano, writing and producing songs and expressing myself and my heart through music. Also video games!

HOMETOWN: Poplar Bluff, MO

FAVORITE MINISTRY MOMENT: Too many to count, but seeing youth come to know Jesus is always a standout. Seeing the youth at FUGE in 2018 be completely transformed by Jesus and some coming to know Him for the first time was incredibly awesome.

FUN FACT: I learned/play guitar and piano entirely by ear.

Pam Becker

Pam Becker

Traditional Music Director


FULL NAME: Pam Howard Becker

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Any place that serves good steak!

FAMILY: Widowed. Three Kids, Kaylin, Andrea, and Coulton.

HOBBIES: Hanging out with family and friends.

HOMETOWN: Franklin, OH

FAVORITE MINISTRY MOMENT: Watching shy kids find their voice and performing in church musicals.

FUN FACT: My summer job while in grad school was singing in the opera chorus with the St. Louis Opera Theater.

Tricia Starnes

Tricia Starnes

1stKids, Children’s Leader


FULL NAME: Patricia Dawn Starnes

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Chick fil A, Casa Grande, Beijing

FAMILY/KIDS: 2 kids, Timothy and Sophie

HOBBIES: cooking, traveling, and spending time with family.

HOMETOWN: Poplar Bluff

FAVORITE MINISTRY MOMENT: I have so many from working in children’s ministry for several years, but one of my favorite moments, is when parents of kids as young as 3 years old, come to me and tell me how their child talked to them about a lesson and how they used it during the week and in their daily life.

FUN FACT: I am the youngest of 10 children and I have over 40 nieces and nephews!

Cynthia Gonzalez

Cynthia Gonzalez

Secretary & Treasurer


FULL NAME: Cynthia Lorena Gonzalez


FAMILY/KIDS: Married to Chris Gonzalez, have 4 children.

HOBBIES: Singing has always been a huge part of my life, designing art, and desiging cakes.

HOMETOWN: Born in Amsterdam, raised in Castricum, Netherlands

FAVORITE MINISTRY MOMENT: There are so many, but I think my favorite is when leading worship and hearing the people singing praises to our Almighty God in adoration.

FUN FACT: I love to travel and have been to 10 different countries so far! Our kids’ first mode of public transportation was an airplane.

Christopher Gonzalez

Christopher Gonzalez

Youth Leader